RiverStars Performing Arts

RiverStars Performing Arts is an exceptional program financially sponsored by IVCanDO. RiverStars offers free dance and theatre classes to 6-18 year-olds, regardless of whether they are homeschooled, attend private school, or are enrolled in public school.

The RiverStars program is designed to help Illinois Valley youth develop performance skills while fostering self-esteem, discipline, focus, risk-taking, and collaboration abilities. The young artists involved in RiverStars create original content, either in the form of writing or choreography, that addresses relevant issues within our rural community. Additionally, during the Spring season, our students showcase their talent through flash mobs at the Cave Junction Farmer’s Market.

RiverStars also believes in providing opportunities for performers of all ages to shine. That’s why RiverStars often collaborates with The Motherline, an all-ages intergenerational performing arts program, ensuring that a diverse range of individuals from various age groups can participate and enjoy the performing arts.

How can I sign up my child with RiverStars?

Keep an eye on the RiverStars Facebook page for the most up-to-date information! We’d love for you to join us!

I’d like to donate to RiverStars!

THANK YOU! Donations from generous community members ensures that this program is available at no cost to Illinois Valley youth.

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