Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

The Revolving Loan Fund began in 2000 to provide financing for small businesses in the Illinois Valley and throughout Josephine County. Through partnership support from USDA-Rural Development, Josephine County and City of Grants Pass, the fund has grown to over $515,000 and made more than $1.2M in total loans, with more than half in the Illinois Valley.

Our Micro-Business Revolving Loan Fund is geared toward smaller businesses in start-up or expansion mode. With very favorable terms and a $25,000 maximum loan amount, the IVCDO has been able to approve more than 90 loans for local businesses since 2000.

'G' Spot Fine Bar & Grill“IVCanDo’s Revolving Loan Fund allowed us to open with a full service kitchen.  We strive to offer organic, non-GMO, locally sourced products in our great meals. The kitchen provides 2-3 jobs in in our Valley creating sustenance for people we love.”

Gabriella Salas, G Spot-Fine Bar and Grill