Energy Trust of Oregon Partnership

In partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon, IVCanDO has provided commercial and residential upgrades throughout the Illinois Valley. Our Energy Trust programs feature much-needed upgrades available to qualified residents at a fraction of the cost.

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Kerby Water District

This complex project took over 10 years to complete and greatly improved the lives of Kerby residents. Partnership with IVCanDO linked Kerby property owners and Josephine County to win $3.2M in grant and loan funds to design and build the system, form the district as a legal entity, and establish long term supply contract with the City of Cave Junction. The new water system also provided strategically located fire hydrants that reduced fire insurance rates and increase fire resiliency for Kerby property owners.

Historic Cascadia Signage Project: Redwood Hwy 199

This project followed the highly successful Oregon Caves Hwy 46 Historic Signage Project, which revived the 1930’s-era Cascadia style signs along the corridor that link Cave Junction to the expanded Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. The new signage project helps visitors to our community identify key locations and improve way-finding for those traveling through the gateway community of Illinois Valley and Cave Junction.

Pacific Power Foundation Awarded $2,500 towards the Cascadia Signage project in 2016. Project partners included US Forest Service, National Park Service, Oregon State Parks, and the City of Cave Junction.

Redwood Signage
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