A Generosity Movement

For Giving Tuesday – a day that celebrates generosity – we are focusing our fundraising on three areas: Youth Programs, Recreation, and Small Business Development.

Why Give to IVCanDO?

We are an organization unlike any other in the Illinois Valley! We are problem solvers, solution finders, and work every day to tailor our programs to the needs of our community. If we can’t find a solution – we create it!

Our Cans for Kids program was created to help fund youth programs in our area that needed help fundraising – and since it started, we have distributed over $150,000 with the help of generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and partnerships with the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and Southern Oregon Sanitation.

Your donation supporting youth programs will allow us to expand our Cans for Kids program and help the youth of our community participate in educational, enriching local programs!

The programs and projects we bring to our community aren’t simply random – we are planners, dreamers, and strategizers. We make sure our time, energy, and funds are well-spent and sustainable. And of course, improve the lives of all of us!

Our work at Rough and Ready Botanical Area is a prime example of realizing our vision. During Phase 1, we widened and lengthened the trail. Phase 2 included interpretive signage along the trail to educate visitors about the area. Phase 3 will include paving the parking lot to increase accessibility to the area even more!

Your donation supporting our recreation programs will allow us to host volunteer clean-up days, advocate for meaningful improvements to our local parks, and keep the Illinois Valley beautiful!

We believe in the Power of Partnerships – both with our community and other organizations that help us meet our goals. Our partnerships with other organizations and businesses in our area and throughout the entire State of Oregon are strong, which allows us to bring resources and opportunities to our area.

Small business owners in the Illinois Valley know firsthand how beneficial our commitment to valuable partnerships are. We have partnered with Energy Trust of Oregon and the City of Cave Junction to install efficient lighting and security cameras at 20 businesses along the 199 corridor. We also have brought valuable business education to small business owners through our partnership with Reinventing Rural.

Your donation supporting our small business development programs will allow us to offer valuable resources to increase the success of small businesses in the Illinois Valley!

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