Energy Trust

IVCanDO’s partnership with  Energy Trust of Oregon has provided opportunities for both small businesses and homes in our area to access energy efficiency incentives. IVCanDO helps Energy Trust by providing program management for select programs including residential heating efficiency upgrade incentives and small business energy efficiency upgrade incentives for LED lighting and security system packages.

Our partnership was a natural fit as we both are committed to the rural communities we serve.

Residential Energy Efficiency Upgrades

IVCanDO and Energy Trust of Oregon are partnering together to help residents of the Illinois Valley save on their energy bill. Through this partnership, IVCanDO now offers free home energy assessments for qualifying customers of Pacific Power and Avista, with the potential to receive incentives for energy efficient upgrades.

If you are interested in having a FREE Home Energy Assessment done to see if you qualify for any incentives, please contact Joy Lark, program manager at (541) 415-1519 or contact us here.

Click here to view Residential Energy Upgrades information flyer.

Energy Trust Lighting Upgrades

In 2022, IVCanDO partnered with Energy Trust of Oregon to help deliver no-cost lighting upgrades to commercial businesses in the Illinois Valley. More than 20 businesses and community organizations in the valley received free upgrades to energy-efficient LEDs, and free disposal of old lights.

Although this phase of the commercial lighting upgrades has run its course, IVCanDO is working with Energy Trust to bring similar upgrades to residential properties across the valley.

Cave Junction Lighting and Security Project

IVCanDO is assisting the City of Cave Junction in distributing grant funds from Josephine County to help improve security in the city’s downtown corridor. 

Based on IVCanDO’s survey of business and property owners along Redwood Highway, the program was adjusted to be a full-on grant program of security system packages and outdoor LED light upgrades. IVCanDO is currently in the process of helping to distribute these systems, as well as arrange contractors to provide reimbursable outdoor lighting upgrades.

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