Action Collaboratives

Action Collaboratives are teams of local stakeholders and residents who come together to solve problems and meet goals outlined in the IV 20/20 Community Vision & Strategic Plan.

Some Action Collaborative participants are high-level professionals, including the Josephine County Sheriff, the Superintendent of Three Rivers School District, and the Chief Operating Officer of Options for Southern Oregon. Others are people who work at agencies and local nonprofits that can help make changes, such as Healthy U, Illinois Valley Wellness Resources, and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. Also on the teams are community volunteers who have an interest in the team’s focus area and just want to help. There are Action Collaboratives addressing Public Safety, Housing, Food Access, Children and Families, Seniors, Health, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, School Success, and more.

Developing Action Collaborative Groups

Contact IVCanDO, 541-592-4440

Do you have an idea for an Action Collaborative to advance any of the goals in the 20/20 Plan? Now’s the time to contribute your ideas. Call or email us using the contact form below.

    List of Action Collaboratives

    Arts Network

    Contact Joyce Abrams, 541-592-5019

    The Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans, Illinois River Valley Arts Council, and other arts groups are working to implement the Arts Value Chain discussed in the IV 20/20 Strategic Plan and to promote opportunities for artists and arts events throughout the valley.

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    Caring Community

    Contact IVCanDO (541) 592-4440

    With a focus on services to children and families, this group is largely made up of paid staff of agencies and nonprofits, and also welcomes volunteers. Participants stay aware of each other’s work, offer support, cross-marketing, and partnership opportunities, and produce a monthly positive reinforcement flyer. Representatives attend regularly from Healthy U, Head Start, Project Baby Check, The Family Connection, the Family Coalition, IVCanDO, CASA, the Safe House Alliance, and Evergreen Elementary School. This group is currently paused due to COVID. Please call if you are interested in reactivating the group.

      Main Street Cave Junction

      Contact Rowan Fairfield, 541-415-6767

      This group is in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit and a member of the Oregon Main Street program. Volunteer opportunities are available to help revitalize our downtown district. Potential ideas include increasing curb appeal, offering financial help with storefront upgrades, and installing pocket pollinator gardens around Cave Junction.

        Illinois Valley Senior Connections

        Contact Laura Mancuso (541) 592-9781

        Coordinating local service providers, aligning programs, and connecting local efforts to regional resources is the focus of this group, which works on behalf of Illinois Valley senior citizens. Goals include filling gaps in the service matrix, and helping local seniors remain in the homes they love.

          Parks Master Planning Group

          Contact IVCanDO, (541) 592-4440

          Stakeholders from the City of Cave Junction, local sports and recreation groups, and a diverse group of Illinois Valley residents worked with Oregon State University graduate students to develop a first draft Master Plan for parks and recreation in the city of Cave Junction.

            Public Safety Task Force

            Contact IVCanDO, (541) 592-4440

            This group is high level IV stakeholders, volunteers, and some county attendees focusing on the functions of and funding for the many aspects of the public safety network, from law enforcement patrols to emergency preparedness to the integration of mental health with street security.

              Schools and Community Partners

              Contact IVCanDO, 541-592-4440

              This is a high-level stakeholder group with formal agreements in place. All agencies with an established presence in Illinois Valley schools meet with all three area principals and the Superintendent of Three Rivers School District to align their work, avoid duplication, and leverage efforts. In addition to this networking, the group is focused on developing best practices for wrap-around services and to bring trauma-informed training to all school school staff, partner agencies, students and families. This group is on hiatus due to COVID-19.

                Illinois Valley Fire Resiliency Oversight Group

                Contact Cheryl Nelson, 541-592-3731

                The Illinois Valley Forest Resiliency Oversight Group (IVFROG) convenes local community partners and interested parties to share resources, engage in project planning, and implement fire and forest management plan goals. Its purpose is to increase awareness in the Illinois Valley about the importance of wildfire preparedness and create a dialog with the community about wildfire, forest, and watershed management with local, state, and federal partners.