IVCanDO has been supporting the Illinois River Valley since 1995…

…when an ambitious group of volunteers from rural Josephine County obtained funding from the USDA to become one of 36 nationwide Enterprise Communities, and obtained funding to draft the first ever community strategic plan. Formerly known as the Illinois Valley Community Response Team (IVCRT), these dedicated community members worked to improve the quality of life for Illinois Valley residents by building strong partnerships and new institutions focused on tourism, infrastructure improvements, educational support, and economic development.

In 2005, IVCRT adopted our current name, Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (affectionately known as IVCanDO) to better describe the focus of the organization you know today!


You might know us from…

IVCanDO has successfully supported a variety of important local projects – of the past and present – throughout the Illinois Valley, including:

Operating Oregon Caves Outfitters from 2001 – 2018, contracting with the National Park Service to provide lodging, restaurant, and gift shop services at the historic Chateau Lodge at Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve.

Supporting the formation of the Kerby Water District, securing over $3.2 million and a long-term partnership with the City of Cave Junction to provide over 200 residents of Kerby with a reliable water supply and strategically placed fire hydrants to for increase fire resiliency.

Increased accessibility, recreation opportunities and safety at Forks State Park in partnership with Oregon State Parks that includes trail improvements, a dedicated park host, plans to build a natural playground and equine facilities. IVCanDO collaborated with the community and our partners to formalize our Adopt-A-Park agreement to ensure the park is kept open, accessible and safe for all.

Learn more about Illinois Valley Forks State Park >>

In partnership with Oregon State Parks and Bureau of Land Management, improved trail accessibility, added carved wood benches, and plans to improve parking area, facilities, and interpretive signage.

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Providing an opportunity for Illinois Valley residents to support child-focused programs by donating bottles and cans. Since 2017, Cans for Kids has raised over $ for these important programs!

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The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to collaborative programs and inclusive partnerships that improve and change lives across communities of rural southwest Oregon. With a community based strategic plan focused on People, Place, and Prosperity, we champion sustainable development for vibrant economic, social, and cultural conditions.

Start from a place of Respect & Service

We approach every project with the knowledge that we are solving a need as identified by the community. Our purpose is defined through a collaborative process, not the whims of the loudest voice in the room.

Culture of Collaboration & Connectivity

We are just one member of a team, and we strive to honor and utilize the unique skill sets each player brings to the field. The way we make a difference in our community is by bringing people together.

Dedicated to Engagement & Diversity

Our office has more than an open-door policy, it has no door at all. When we set a table for innovation, problem-solving and creativity, everyone is automatically invited to take a seat. We will always value those who make the effort to show up, but we’ll also consider who is missing and why. When needed, we’ll go to them, wherever that might be.

We use partnerships, innovation, & commitment to accomplish tangible, lasting results.

To accomplish a stated goal, we’re willing to wear many hats and play many parts. We pride ourselves in knowing when to step-up and when to step back. We depend on new voices to join and inspire our work. And when these leaders emerge, we promise to support them – every step of the way.

Equal Opportunity

The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization is committed to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or any other legally protected status.


Meet our Staff


Executive Director

Lindsey Jones oversees relationships, resources, and results for their organization. She loves all of IVCanDO’s projects, but she is particularly passionate about expanding and improving the wheelchair accessible trail at Rough and Ready Wayside. She has a very special connection with that area—so special that her husband and she took their wedding photos there! Lindsey also looks forward to any project where they are engaging collaboratively with other groups. She believes in the power of partnerships and utilizing her unique skills and strengths to achieve their goals. It all seems possible in the Illinois Valley, which is her favorite thing about living there. If someone wants to get something done, there is a way to do it and people to help!


Communications and Outreach Manager

Anna is responsible for promoting IVCanDO’s programs, events, partnerships, and telling the stories of the people and organizations they serve. She also helps amplify the voices of Illinois Valley residents by assisting their partners and local organizations with their outreach efforts. She loves working in rural communities and is constantly impressed with the residents of the Illinois Valley and their willingness to get involved in their beautiful community.


Project Manager

Joy is the person working behind the scenes for programs involving IVCanDO’s partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon, FEMA, and others. She loves working with Energy Trust, where she gets to put on her jumpsuit and do energy assessments on homes. The Illinois Valley has some of the most unique houses, and she loves getting a more in-depth view of the personality that each home (and homeowner) has!


Office & Finance Manager

Diana is the Finance & Operations Manager at IVCanDo. Her family moved to Oregon when she was a child back in 1976, and she never left! She loves, loves, loves the Illinois Valley and the serenity of rural life. Nothing beats living in the forest surrounded by the trees and the wildlife. She enjoys cooking/baking, reading, working on her property, and spending time with her animals.


Revolving Loan Fund Project Manager

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in business and marketing back in Georgia, Malcolm decided to undertake a new challenge by moving across the country to scenic southern Oregon in 2016. Having worked at IVCanDO for two years previously, he rejoined the team in 2023, bringing small business acumen and administrative experience to the Revolving Loan Fund Manager position. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and recording music, reading, and spending time with his family.


Project Assistant

Courtney is the Project Assistant for our Infrastructure projects in partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon. She is the main point of contact for homeowners looking for information about incentives they may qualify for to improve energy efficiency in their residence. Courtney has experience working with diverse populations through nonprofits in the Illinois Valley and enjoys working with our community!


IVCanDonate Staff

I help the organizations participating in IVCanDO’s Cans for Kids program receive and organize the donations brought to them. Come bring down your clean and recyclable bottles and cans each Saturday and say hi!


Cans for Kids Mascot

I am the Cans for Kids mascot, yeah!

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