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Helping People Thrive

The people of the Illinois Valley value their small town lifestyle and close neighbor relationships. IVCanDO supports projects which bring people closer together and foster cultural growth and celebrate their pride in their community, with special emphasis on youth engagement and on recognizing the strength of our diversity.

Illinois Valley Oregon


Living With Nature

The beautiful Illinois Valley offers immediate access to world class outdoor adventure and pristine wilderness. The Oregon Caves Monument and Preserve, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, the Wild and Scenic Rogue River and the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains are some of the jewels we dwell among. IVCanDo works to connect residents to these treasures in ways that preserve and protect them. We foster partnerships to develop innovative economic development opportunities which respect our natural treasures.

Illinois Valley Oregon Prosperity


Building Our Economic Future

We create unique opportunities for a resilient economy, vibrant local business, meaningful employment, and personal fulfillment. IVCanDO provides business expertise to strengthen our entrepreneur base and connect local efforts to regional resources and beyond.


The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to collaborative programs and inclusive partnerships that improve and change lives across communities of rural southwest Oregon.  With a community based strategic plan focused on People, Place, and Prosperity, we champion sustainable development for vibrant economic, social, and cultural conditions.

The success of IVCanDO derives from an engaged, dedicated board of directors, a skilled, experienced staff, and direct participation of the community. The work of our organization is guided by these core values:

We begin from a place of respect and service, with a culture of collaboration and connectivity. Dedicated to engagement and diversity, we use partnerships, innovation, and commitment to accomplish tangible, lasting results.

Why We Do This Work

IVCanDO believes just that: that the Illinois Valley can achieve its goals for greater prosperity among its vibrant people in this beautiful place. This is a community worth working for, and it’s our pleasure to help our neighbors thrive.

How We Do This Work

For over twenty years, this group has been honing the skills, deepening the expertise, and building the connections that allow us to help valley residents make things happen. We believe that relationships are the key to community success, and we foster those within the valley and also those with external support agencies. We help local people and local groups find grant funding for major initiatives, assist small nonprofits with organizational growth, provide workshops and mentorships, make loans to small businesses, and sometimes just make introductions that lead to a breakdown of barriers and powerful new outcomes.

Help Us Do This Work

IVCanDO welcomes participants in the work of helping the Illinois Valley thrive. Individuals, agencies, nonprofits, clubs, businesses and faith-based groups are strongly encouraged to join an Action Collaborative, attend board meetings, follow our updates, and link efforts with the broad coalition of residents that make up IVCanDO.

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