RiverStars Performing Arts


A partnership between Oregon Community Foundation, Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, Three Rivers School District, and dancefarm.








We are a community arts partnership dedicated to providing free, professionally led, dance and theatre programing for all school aged children of the Illinois Valley.


     • We provide four hours of dance and theatre classes after school for each age group and invite public,

       homeschool, and private school students to attend.

     • Annually, we produce two originally written, Illinois Valley-centric productions and appear in several flash mob

       style dance performances in our community.

     • We also work with certified school teachers to integrate performing arts into their core classrooms.


We believe that:


     • Art lives within all of us

     • Your body is a complete tool for artistic creation

     • Children should be seen AND heard


How we do things:


     • We are inclusive, equitable and safe-a home away from home

     • Our community is our audience

     • Dance and Theatre exist historically as teaching tools


What we want to achieve:


     • Children experience art, blending seamlessly into teaching-even in classrooms where they least expect it

     • The children's voices will truth into the community

     • The community's lives will be touched and hearts inspired to live well for the next generations


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Illinois Valley Community Development Organization / 201 Caves Highway, Cave Junction, Oregon / 541-592-4440 / fax 541-592-4075