Other Community Projects


The IVCDO oversees a host of other community projects and participates with other organizations in programs aimed to meet the needs of local residents. Some of these projects and programs include:


Fire fuels reduction program: Upon the request of landowners, assesses a property’s need to reduce trees and shrubs that could threaten a home from wildfire. The program also receives grants and helps pay for brush removal projects.


Farmer Markets: In conjunction with the Business Entrepreneurial Center, has received funding and helped organize farmer markets in Selma and Cave Junction. This project has organized advertising as well as an on-line access for customers to reach local farmers to place orders directly.


Coast to Crest Trail: IVCDO volunteers are working with state and federal agencies to build a hiking/horseback trail running from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Pacific Crest Trail on the east.


Friends of the Forks State Park: Works with volunteers who help maintain and add improvements to Illinois Valley Forks State Park, the only state park in Josephine County. The IVCDO also is helping to organize an annual river celebration at the park


Fiscal management: Works with organizations such as the Valley Quilters and the local Ford Family Foundation Leadership Class to serve as the non-profit sponsor the group’s fundraising efforts.

The Page Creek Community Forest Project is the result of over 2 years of ongoing meetings with the US Forest Service to plan and implement a pilot project for community-based forest restoration on 80 acres near Page Creek Rd. in Takilma. This project is part of the Hope Mtn. Master Stewardship Agreement which began in 2008. Goals
1. Promote routine and positive communication between the Forest Service, the community and the forest to foster ongoing education and collaboration to develop a working consensus for forest management projects;
2. Use restoration forestry approaches that improve stand diversity, habitat, fish-bearing waterways and reduce hazard fuel loads, to foster fire resilient forestlands;
3. Expand access and economic utility on the community level to the sustainably generated wood and forest products from project areas;
4. Expand on successful demonstrations to other, larger Forest Service landscapes in the Illinois Valley The Page Creek Community Forest Project maintains an open door participation that is transparent , inclusive, and broadly collaborative. Community participation is welcomed.
The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCDO) provides nonprofit services to support the project through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Wild Rivers District of Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest. Projects on Forest Service Land • The South Unit Fuel Break - Oct/Nov 2014
For the first on the ground project, crews completed a shaded 7 acre ridgeline fuel break above homes in southeast Takilma. The treatment maintained mature fire resilient trees and species, rather than a swath of bare ground. This fuel break project will be expanded by another 6 acres in Fall 2015. • The North Unit Woodlot - April 2015
Doug Fir poles from 3” - 10” diameter and firewood were the primary products of the first demonstration woodlot program. The 4 acre treatment cut ladder fuels and stunted trees to favor larger dominant trees adjacent to private property. Hardwoods and patches of hazel were protected. A neighboring property owner allowed the cut trees to be staged for sale to the public. Priced very affordably, pole sales exceeded $1,000 which will be used to continue support for the further project actions. • Recreation Management - Ongoing
The Page Creek area is a favorite spot for local and visitor hiking, swimming, horseback riding and camping. However, partying, transients, destructive ATV activity, human waste and uncontrolled campfires pose serious risks to the waterway and neighbors, who otherwise support healthy eco-tourism. The project continues to explore positive improvements and solutions. • The South Unit Woodlot – 2016 Pending
The south unit is an example of a severely overstocked 3-6” diameter Doug Fir dying plantation. Plans hinge on getting access over Page Creek, which is protected salmon spawning habitat. Projects on Private Property A National Fire Plan – Community Assistance grant will soon be awarded for $182,000 to fully treat over 150 acres of privately owned land in Takilma. Slated for Sept. 2015, the project footprint involves a minimum 15 properties with 35 structures and 40 residents. As part of an unbroken 4.5 mile stretch of Wildland-Urban Interface, this area links directly with corresponding fuels reduction projects on Forest Service land for a significant treatment strategy to reduce risk of catastrophic fire and negative effects of future fires. The Page Creek Community Fuels Reduction Project will 1) Use fuels treatments based on fire ecology perspectives
2) Build mutually-acceptable ground treatments that match landowners and community values;
3) Meet the criteria to become a Firewise Community;
4) Use a mixed approach as hand crews prune and thin ladder fuels, cut dense stands of brush and small trees;
5) Use some mechanical chipping, plus lop and scatter;
6) Use traditional handpile burning of slash, as well as Biochar or "carbon conservation burning" techniques to significantly reduce smoke and airborne particulates and maximize production of high value pyrolized charcoal. This biochar charcoal can be used by property owners as a valuable soil amendment for either landscape or agricultural use. 7) Reduce hazardous fire fuels load conditions at a landscape scale. Page Creek
Community Forest Project A Collaborative Approach To Restore Forestlands, Fire Safety, Landscape Resiliency and Community Trust
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