Business and Economic Development


The IVCDO is dedicated to helping small businesses in the Illinois Valley and throughout Josephine County meet their full potential for success.  Our program objectives include increased profitability, expansion into new product and service areas, and the retention and addition of employees from the Illinois Valley

labor pool.



Illinois Valley Business Entrepreneurial Center





Started in 2009, the Illinois Valley Business Entrepreneurial Center (IVBEC) is a program that supports small business and micro-enterprise formation and expansion. Through a partnership with Rogue Community College’s Small Business Development Center (RCC/SBDC), Josephine County, and the Illinois Valley Community Development Organization (IVCDO), the IVBEC is especially devoted to the needs of individuals and businesses in the Illinois Valley.


As a branch of RCC’s Small Business Development Center, the IVBEC provides a central contact point for business counseling, referrals, and instructional resources.  Located at the RCC Kerby Campus, this is the first time that the full range of these services has been delivered to Illinois Valley residents on a consistent and coordinated basis.


Business Development Coordinator Kenny Houck provides one-on-one consulting with individual business owners. Free of cost, these services are targeted to the specific client needs to include:

      • General and strategic business planning

      • Marketing planning and analysis

      • Assistance with financial planning and management

      • Obtaining certification for state and federal contract offerings

      • Facilities expansion planning

      • Access to financing

Additional business related curriculum is developed, coordinated, and delivered through RCC and SBDC classes at the IVBEC facility.


This level of impact is made possible because the program brings business development services together with economic and community development as an integrated whole.

IVCDO Micro-Business Revolving Loan Fund


Our Micro-Business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is geared toward smaller businesses in start-up or expansion mode. With very favorable terms and a $25,000 maximum loan amount, the IVCDO has been able to approve more than 90 loans for local businesses since 2000. You can view detailed information or download application forms for the Revolving Loan Fund by clicking here.


Business Development Coordinator Kenny Houck can provide counseling and assist with preparing your loan application. All business counseling from the IVCDO is free of charge to the client. We strongly suggest that you make an appointment before starting

the application process.


We also partner with Rogue Community College’s Small Business Development Center to provide advanced or more specific counseling, including classes focused on business and other group training opportunities.


Let us know how we can help you. Contact us at 541-956-7275, or email

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