Since 2001, The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, under the auspices of the Oregon Caves Outfitters, has managed the Oregon Caves Chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument through a contract with the National Park Service. Under its contract, the Oregon Caves Outfitters provides food and lodging services to those who visit the National Monument. At the same time, the contract benefits the community by offering a high-quality marketing outlet for local arts, crafts, musicians and food products as well as providing local employment with an annual payroll of $  season.


If you are interested in staying at the Chateau during your visit to the Oregon Caves National Monument, or if you’d just some additional information on the historic lodge, visit the Oregon Caves Chateau website at



A little help from our friends


To provide support for the Chateau , in 2008 the IVCDO formed the independent non-profit organization called Friends of the Oregon Cave’s Chateau which raises funds to restore the historical character of the lodge.


Click here to check out the Friends and see how you can help this great group accomplish its mission.



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