Welcome to the Illinois River Valley


The Illinois Valley is located in Southwestern Oregon in the Siskiyou Mountains of Josephine County. Our communities, which serve some 20,000 residents, include Cave Junction, an incorporated city, and the smaller unincorporated towns of Selma, Kerby, Takilma, and O’Brien.


The Illinois Valley also is the gateway to the Oregon Caves National Monument, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area and the Wild and Scenic Illinois River.


Most visitors reach us via the Redwood Highway (State Route 199) that runs between Grants Pass, Oregon, and Crescent City, California. Cave Junction is 29 miles south of Grants Pass and about 50 miles north of Crescent City.


Winters in the Illinois Valley are mild with temperatures typically above 20˚ F. Average rainfall is 60 inches in this semi-arid region, and typically occurs between October and May. Snowfall is minimal. Cool nights are a counterpoint to warm summer days with temperatures typically between 80˚ and 90˚ and only occasionally into the low 100’s.


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